Configure your Notebook

Choose which kind of Notebook best suits your work. Select the CPU architecture, the amount of RAM and if you require a GPU!

Interactive output

Your code can produce rich, interactive output: HTML, images, videos, LaTeX, and custom MIME types.

Access to all your data

Access all of your experimental data or files from your home directory

Data Analysis

Analyse all of your data using our SLURM computing cluster with full access to all of your files as well as GPU acceleration on our POWER9 servers

Add a custom kernels and environments

You can use our existing Python kernel and environments or you can create a custom environment yourself to be used within the Notebook! Details can be found here

Configure your Notebook

Depending on your data, the amount of processing you have to do etc, you can configure the amount of resources allocated to your Notebook. From the menu, you can select the architecture, CPU & RAM required as well a GPU if needed. In our advanced menu, you can configure the Notebook to use more SLURM features when allocating resources.

How to use JupyterHub...


To use JupyterHub on our SLURM cluster, go to or click here